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Tanthrough.com Website Review & Ratings + CoolTan Coupons

Cool Tan sells swimwear, (with a difference), T-shirts, shorts and sarongs, for both men and women, that let you get a sun tan through your clothes. This innovative concept lets you wear different types of swimwear or shirts without worrying about how evenly you will tan leaves no lines. You can get an even tan as you play sport, work in the garden or simply go for a walk.

There is a wide choice and attractive prints for both men and women and the prices are not high. Ladies swimwear includes one-piece suits and bikinis in different styles, matching sarong and shorts, while men can choose between suits, trunks, long and short shorts. T-shirts and tops are for both men and women. Unfortunately the sarong and shorts can only be found by going to swimwear and clicking on “swimsuit or bikini” and not from the home page, so it is not instantly obvious Cool Tan sells these too. They do not have their own button and there is no search feature to help you look for an item.

The fabric used is "Microsol" and apart from allowing you to tan underneath it also “breathes”, keeping you cool, dried quickly, is not see through, (either wet or dry), and even filters some of the sun’s damaging rays the same as a medium strength sunscreen – and it is washable.  

The site has a delicate background of palm trees and pictures also show the sea, which really puts you in a holiday mood. It is user friendly and easy to navigate.

Cool Tan offers a 100% guarantee and a 60 exchange or refund if you are not happy. There is free shipping on two or more products.

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CoolTan: What makes it different?

“The unique patent-pending fabric used in Cooltan tan-through swimwear is made with a special knitting technology that creates millions of tiny pores in the fabric. These pores allow approximately half of the sun’s light to pass through to approximately the same degree as a medium level sunscreen.”

The fact this is unique and patent-pending means it is unlikely you will find this type of product anywhere else – unless it is a shop selling Cool Tan products, and why buy the same thing somewhere else when you can buy it direct from Cool Tan.

With no more worries about lines and an even sun tan, no matter how you are dressed, this product is a must for all “tan fans”.

Another wonderful feature Cool Tan offers is the choice of size for bikini tops and bottoms. Not all women take the same size top and bottom and on this site you simply choose a size for each.

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CoolTan vs. primary competitors (sites similar to CoolTan)

Cosmic Outfitters

Cosmic Outfitters are not really a competitor as they sell Cool Tan’s products. The site is not as pleasing with a fussy blue background and a picture of a one piece swim suit says “Blue Hot String Bikini, Tan through halter top, 2-piece swimsuit”, along with a price. This leaves you unsure if the picture or description is wrong. This is one of only two swimsuits on display, so there is every chance it is the one you would want.

There are eight pieces of swimwear for sale, but only two of the pictures also let you see a back view. The information on each product is scarce, telling you only the color, print on the item and shape. All things you can see clearly in the picture, but no mention of fabric,


In theory this site also sells tan through swimwear, but as it was not working there was no way to check.


Like the above site, this too was not working, so there was no way to check if these swimsuits were Cool Tan or another make and how much they cost.


Swim Outlet only sells normal swimwear, but it is interesting to compare prices.


Swimming Suits Mens 4

CoolTan: Pricing & packages

The only price comparison is with another site,  Cosmic Outfitters, selling swimwear by the same company, Cool Tan. Although some of it is the same make, other swimsuits are not labeled, so there is no way of knowing if all models are by Cool Tan or not.


Cool Tan $67.95 - $75.95 one is on sale for $49.95

Cosmic Outfitters $76.00

Swim Outlet $21.95 - $157.95


Cool Tan $54.90 - $59.90,

Cosmic Outfitters $48.00 - $79.00

Swim Outlet $9.95 - $82.95

Men’s Trunks and Shorts

Cool Tan $32.95 - $39.95

Cosmic Outfitters -

Swim Outlet - $9.95 - $88.00

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CoolTan: Product images & screenshots
CoolTan Coupons
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CoolTan: Customer reviews & comments

An independent review of Cool Tan:

“As you can tell, I'm really excited about this product. Whether you are a seasoned tanner or new to the sport, I recommend giving Cooltan a shot. It's fun to try new things and the price is right.

I will be visiting Las Vegas in a few weeks. I cannot wait. In preparation for my trip, I have purchased COOLTAN swimwear. Amazingly, my swimsuit arrived in less than a week. I have never experienced shipping so fast with online orders before, what a pleasant surprise. My Cooltan swimsuit arrived in perfect condition and arrived in a plastic shipping envelope with another plastic bag around the swimsuit. The swimsuit is really neat. The fabric is really lightweight and "cool." I'm not only looking forward to wearing it to avoid tan lines but also to stay nice, cool, and comfortable. Also, the swimsuit fits surprisingly well. Cooltan's sizing instructions and chart on their website are accurate.

My swimsuit arrived with an information card and that explains all about the material used in the swimsuit and how to care for it. Additionally, the shipment comes with an invoice and also another sheet of paper that discusses the swimsuit.”

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For more tanning and suncreen products visit Sunplay.com! They have very competitive pricing and products from Sun Bum and more!

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